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The effects of denervation on skeletal muscle fibers have been intensively investigated, but the effects on other cell types within muscle tissue are not well understood. In the present experiments, cell proliferation was analyzed in mouse extensor digitorum longus muscles denervated for periods of one day to six weeks. Incorporation of tritiated thymidine(More)
We have used enhancer trap lines as markers to recognize glial cells in the wing peripheral nervous system of Drosophila melanogaster. Their characterization has enabled us to define certain features of glial differentiation and organization. In order to ask whether glial cells originate within the disc or whether they migrate to the wing nerves from the(More)
Sensory neurons in the wing of Drosophila originate locally from epithelial cells and send their axons toward the base of the wing in two major bundles, the L1 and L3 nerves. We have estimated the birth times of a number of identified wing sensory neurons using an X-irradiation technique and have followed the appearance of their somata and axons by means of(More)
The sensory neurons of the wing of Drosophila arise during the first 24 hr of metamorphosis, and their axons converge to form a stereotyped set of nerves projecting proximally from the peripherally located cell bodies through the wing and towards the CNS. To better characterize the cues guiding this stereotyped axon outgrowth, we have performed a series of(More)
Growing axons can be guided by a number of different cues: adhesive substrates, diffusible factors, electrical fields and even factors intrinsic to the neurone itself have all been shown to affect axon orientation and outgrowth in vitro. However, in most intact systems it has proved difficult to test directly the role played by these putative guidance cues.(More)
A total of 407 males and females in 4 different age groups (M age = 8.0, 10.8, 15.2, and 20.3 years) completed questionnaires requiring self-ratings of 5 emotions (angry, happy, sad, fearful, and loving), on a 5-point scale, for 10 affect-laden sentences. Each of the 5 emotions was targeted as a key emotion by 2 sentences. The resulting patterns indicate(More)
The dynamic estimation of large-scale stochastic image sequences, as frequently encountered in remote sensing, is important in a variety of scientific applications. However, the size of such images makes conventional dynamic estimation methods, for example, the Kalman and related filters, impractical. In this paper, we present an approach that emulates the(More)
1. A study has been made, in guinea-pig isolated trachealis, of the effects of charybdotoxin in modulating (a) the activity of large conductance K(+)-channels, (b) the spontaneous electrical activity of intact cells and (c) the mechanical effects of some bronchodilator drugs. 2. Single smooth muscle cells were isolated from guinea-pig trachealis by enzymic(More)
1. Tested against the spontaneous tone of guinea-pig isolated trachealis, cromakalim (0.1-100 microM), isoprenaline (1 nM-1 microM) and theophylline (1 microM-1 mM) each produced concentration-dependent relaxation. 2. Glibenclamide (0.1-10 microM) did not itself alter the spontaneous tone of the trachea nor did it modify the relaxant actions of isoprenaline(More)