M. J. Morelec

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This paper describes the inhibitory effect of a normal rat brain solubilized membrane preparation (RBSM-liposomes) on rabies virus infection. Rabies virus was incubated with RBSM-liposomes or their separated components (proteins, phospholipids, gangliosides) before infection of CER or neuroblastoma cells. In addition, both RBSM-liposomes and target cells(More)
The mechanism of cryoprecipitation of a monoclonal IgM kappa cryoglobulin (Mou) with a cold agglutinin activity of Pr2 specificity has been studied. By immunodiffusion this cryoglobulin reacted (by its Fab' fragment) with micellar GM3, a ganglioside bearing the Pr2 antigenic determinant. In contrast to previous reports that indicated a possible temperature(More)
The metabolism of [3H]inositol- and [14C]arachidonate-labeled phospholipids of B lymphocytes from normal (C3H/HePAS) and endotoxin-hyporesponsive (C3H/HeJ) mice, after incubation with two B cell mitogens, lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and dextran sulfate (DxS) was examined. The early effects of the two mitogens on the biosynthesis of phosphoinositides were(More)
By silica gel chromatography we have studied the various glycolipids of six established lines derived from human brain tumors. Among the glycolipids, the GM3 ganglioside appeared as one of the major components in the three lines rejected by athymic nude Mice. On the contrary, GM3 was absent, or present in trace, in the three tumorigenic lines.
Neutral glycolipids, gangliosides, and phospholipids present on membranes of unstimulated or lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated B cells were analyzed in LPS-responsive C3H/HePAS and LPS-nonresponsive C3H/HeJ mice. In the set of neutral glycolipids, asialo GM1 reacted preferentially with galactose oxidase but was not detectable with monospecific antibodies(More)
The role of gangliosides in rabies virus infection of chick embryo-related (CER) cells was investigated. Cultured cells were pretreated with neuraminidase to render the cells transiently non-susceptible to viral infection. Incubation of these desialylated cells with gangliosides allowed them to incorporate exogenous gangliosides and they recovered their(More)
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