M.J. Milgrew

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This paper presents an approach for matching the transconductance characteristics of CMOS ISFET arrays by removing trapped charge. We describe how to design arrays of floating-gate ISFETs so that ultraviolet (UV) radiation and bulk-substrate biasing can be used to remove the random amount of trapped charge that accumulates on the gates during fabrication.(More)
This paper describes the development and evaluation of a custom-built impedance analyzer, which uses a multiplexing bridge circuit to characterize an array of polymer-coated quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) sensors. The analyzer is constructed on a single printed circuit board with minimum components and is sufficiently compact for integration into a(More)
The study of cellular function and response is essential for basic research and for applications in the fields of biomedicine and biotechnology. We have developed the first 256-pixel proton camera array for imaging the hydrogen ion activity of cells grown in vitro. The proton camera is an integrated sensor array technology, designed and fabricated in a(More)
In this paper, we evaluate the impact of GaAs MOSFET technology on the design of CMOS combinational logic. A BSIM model is developed for both GaAs pMOS and nMOS transistors based on the underlying device physics, drift-diffusion simulations, and measured data. An elementary family of logic gates are implemented using these models and a set of optimal(More)
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