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At metaphase, the amount of tubulin assembled into spindle microtubules is relatively constant; the rate of tubulin association equals the rate of dissociation. To measure the intrinsic rate of dissociation, we microinjected high concentrations of colchicine, or its derivative colcemid, into sea urchin embryos at metaphase to bind the free tubulin, thereby(More)
A simple procedure was developed for rapid analysis of animal bone marrow by flow cytometry using the lipophilic cationic dye 3,3'-dihexyloxacarbocyanine iodide [DiOC6(3)]. The batch process allows differentiation of bone marrow cells into lymphoid, erythroid, and myeloid populations and enables classification of erythroid and myeloid cells into(More)
In the present study, cellulose-column fractionation methodology which has been used to eliminate nucleated cells in bone marrow was verified for its usefulness in micronucleus analysis and compared to standard smear methodology using cyclophosphamide as the test compound. Also, the possibility of using column-fractionated cells in the evaluation of(More)
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