M. J. Martinez

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The 17 m diameter IACT MAGIC will be commissioned during this year. The control system of the telescope is distributed over a number of functional autonomous elements. CANbus is favored for the communication with the hardware. A central PC steers all these subsystems over Ethernet and allows a human operator full control over the telescope. Here we mainly(More)
The analysis of finite mixture models for exponential repeated data is considered. The mixture components correspond to different possible states of the statistical units. Dependency and variability of repeated data are taken into account through random effects. For each component, an exponential mixed model is thus defined. When considering parameter(More)
In this paper, we consider the flow of an incompressible fluid in a deformable porous solid. We present a mathematical model using the framework offered by the theory of interacting continua. In its most general form, this framework provides a mechanism for capturing multiphase flow, deformation, chemical reactions and thermal processes, as well as(More)
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