M. J. Martinez Silva

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A shorted patch antenna with inductive loading for size reduction is presented. To improve input matching characteristics, a small inverted L antenna is appended at the shorted side of the patch. The transmission line model of the structure is used for predicting input impedance of the antenna. A design example is carried out for the 2.4 GHz ISM band.(More)
Diversity is a required property for antennas in Multiple Input-Multiple Output (MIMO) systems. In this paper a pattern diversity antenna is presented for operation in the 2.4 band of IEEE 802.11n WLAN MIMO standard. This compact antenna is formed by two shorted air substrate patch antennas located back to back in order to produce two lobes oriented in(More)
Soybean is the most important oilseed cultivated in the world and Brazil is the second major producer. Expansion of soybean cultivation has direct and indirect impacts on natural habitats of high conservation value, such as the Brazilian savannas (Cerrado). In addition to deforestation, land conversion includes the use of fertilizers and pesticides and can(More)
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