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The production of activated oxygen species (AOS) by neutrophils (PMNL) is thought to play a key role in the host defence against invading microorganisms. However, the oxygen metabolites are toxic not only to the invading bacteria but also to the surrounding tissue. The oxidative metabolites production can be evaluated by means of chemiluminescent methods.(More)
Luminol chemiluminescence (LCL) of whole blood as response to zymosan stimulation was used to assess the activity of polymorpho-nuclear leukocytes (PMNLs). Since PMNL and red blood cells (RBCs) are the primary components determining LCL response, the influence of PMNL and RBC count on the response was investigated over wide ranges of cell count and time(More)
Luminol chemiluminescence (LCL) is a simple, sensitive and time-saving tool to elucidate the oxidative activity of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNL). In this study, a new approach for analysing the LCL kinetics, recorded from stimulated PMNL, and for a more accurate elucidation of their functional state, is proposed. This approach is based on the proposal(More)
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