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Libraries are often known solely as collectors of information. As a non-productive branch of an organisation, libraries can have a hard time justifying the increasingly higher costs of information materials and making that information available to users. This paper describes a USAID funded project at the Ministry of Health Library and Documentation Centre,(More)
It has been a quiet year: n o ou tburs t s on ei ther side, no cafeteria upheavals, n o accusat ions or lists of demands. A view from Paradise can dismiss any minor squabbles as just t h a t m i n o r . Dormi tory lite and activity ore^ent a basically calm picture . The elements of tn* unftupiliar and the s t range disappear or are modified. All is going(More)
Power is derived from the people: the people possess the power. Therefore, the students possess political power at the decision-ma king level; no one has to give them this power because no one could ever have taken such power from them. Therefore, the only issue is the use of this power. It is, quite frankly, possible that an attempt might be made by(More)
by Michael Lippman It is always unsettling to enter the theater for a performance and f ind the actors already on stage; one can almost be int imidated, as i f the audience has interrupted a ritual which was going on before it entered and now must pay humble t r ibute. The black-tight white-face figures seemed unaware o f an expectant audience as they went(More)
T. Aldrich I. Heck K. Nugent M. Khalil Ali D. Heise E.B. Olson, Jr. D. Appel M.Q. Higgins J.A. Pang M. Austgen R. Hill R. Peters D. Aviado R. Hoover R.M. Philpot X. Baur G.W. Hunninghake Sr° K. Pinsker H. Beckenkamp S. Ira H. Rensch K. L. Becker R. Johnson E.S. Reynolds M. R. Becklake H. Kazemi R.A. Rhoades R. Bengt S.P. Kingman D. Rodescu R. Berberich J.(More)
The stage is set for an e laborate game, the walls and floor a reagr id l ike chessboard domina ted by the playing-card por t ra i t s of the King and Queen and the black brooding archway leading to a hideaway tunnel, A game must begin decisively, with some positive action, y e t before the audience has quite-set t led down, almost unnot iced , the first of(More)
William Abrams Frederic G. Hoppin Mark Reasor J. Absher Rolf D. Hubmayr R .A . Rhoades David Appel Richard S. Irwin Jean Rinaldo Raymond Begin David Jacoby Joseph Rodarte Gordon Bernard Alan Jobe P .D. Rohatgi Robert Bienkowski Alain Junod Sami Said Nancy Boudreau Harold Keiser Jim Shelhamer James K. Brown Jason Kelly Chang Shim William Calhoun Jerold Last(More)
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