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UNLABELLED ESSENTIALS: Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) may be associated with a dose-based risk of pulmonary complications. Patients received FFP for warfarin reversal at a large academic hospital over a 3-year period. Almost 20% developed pulmonary complications, and the risk was highest after > 3 units of FFP. The risk of pulmonary complications remained(More)
The base-line design and implementation of the ATLAS DAQ DataFlow system is described. The main components of the DataFlow system, their interactions, bandwidths, and rates are discussed and performance measurements on a 10% scale prototype for the final ATLAS TDAQ DataFlow system are presented. This prototype is a combination of custom design components(More)
The DataCollection is a subsystem of the ATLAS Trigger and DAQ system. It is responsible for the movement of event data from the ReadOut subsystem to the Second Level Trigger and to the Event Filter. This functionality is distributed on several software applications running on Linux PCs interconnected with Gigabit Ethernet. For the design and implementation(More)
The authors used a relatively new advertising medium to increase public awareness of their children's hospital. They found that street pole banners, a form of outdoor advertising, made a measurable, positive impression on consumer consciousness. Banners effectively supplemented a product awareness campaign that included more traditional media. This study is(More)
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