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We study minimal energy interpolation and discrete and penalized least squares approximation problems on the unit sphere using nonhomogeneous spherical splines. Several numerical experiments are conducted to compare approximating properties of homogeneous and nonhomogeneous splines. Our numerical experiments show that nonhomogeneous splines have certain(More)
We study properties of spherical Bernstein-Bézier splines. Algorithms for practical implementation of the global splines are presented for a homogeneous case as well as a non-homogeneous. Error bounds are derived for the global splines in terms of Sobolev type spherical semi-norms. Multiple star technique is studied for the minimal energy interpolation(More)
The most efficient way to tune microstructures and mechanical properties of metallic alloys lies in designing and using athermal phase transformations. Examples are shape memory alloys and high strength steels, which together stand for 1,500 million tons annual production. In these materials, martensite formation and mechanical twinning are tuned via(More)
Trivariate splines solve a special case of scattered data interpolation problem in the volume bounded by two concentric spheres. A triangulation ∆ of the unit sphere S is constructed based on the vertex set V. Given a partition P of the interval [1, R], let Sτ×ρ σ×δ be the space of the spherical splines of degree σ and smoothness τ over ∆ tensored with the(More)
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