M J Jadot-Van De Casseye

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In fifty cases of proven asthenospermia semen samples were examined for ultrastructural abnormalities. In 32 of the cases the sperm cells appeared either completely normal, or presented only minor abnormalities. In 15 cases severe teratospermia was observed. In the 3 remaining cases, specific and hitherto undescribed tail abnormalities were detected.
Immunohistochemical and morphological examination of 50 bilateral testicular biopsies of infertile men shows the presence of immunoglobulin in 20% of the cases, suggesting that testicular immune phenomena might be implicated in the pathogenesis of infertility. Several observations make it clear that immune phenomena are labile and that only a(More)
The authors draw the attention on the existence of an "Immotile-cilia Syndrome" in patients with chronic respiratory infections of unknown origin. The study of the ultra structure of the ciliae (TEM, SEM) in a case of Kartagener Syndrome supports the existence of an "Immotile-cilia Syndrome".
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