M J J M Van De Ven

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OBJECT The authors describe an experimental model of closed head injury in rodents that was modified from one developed by Marmarou and colleagues. This modification allows dual control of the dynamic process of impact compared with impulse loading that occurs at the moment of primary brain injury. The principal element in this weight-drop model is an(More)
The aim of this study was to modify the photochemical stroke model of Watson et al. [23] so as to make possible microscopical investigation of the so-called penumbra, a tissue zone at risk that surrounds an infarction. The idea was to minimize photochemical challenge to endothelial membranes in such a way that thrombotic vascular obstruction is avoided but(More)
We present here a comparative study on the decay of chlorophyll (Chl) a fluorescence yield in thylakoid membranes and photosystem II (PSII)-enriched samples, measured with multifrequency cross-correlation phase fluorometry. These measurements confirm the general conclusions of Van Mieghem et al. (Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1100, 198-206, 1992), obtained with a(More)
Listeners require context to understand the highly reduced words that occur in casual speech. The present study reports four auditory lexical decision experiments in which the role of semantic context in the comprehension of reduced versus unreduced speech was investigated. Experiments 1 and 2 showed semantic priming for combinations of unreduced, but not(More)
We have measured the decay of chlorophyll a fluorescence at 4 degrees C under anaerobic conditions in stabilized photosystem II reaction center complex isolated from spinach, using multifrequency (2-400 MHz) cross-correlation phase fluorometry. Examination of our data shows that although the fluorescence decay of open reaction centers (i.e., when both the(More)
The distribution of purine nucleoside phosphorylase activity has been investigated histochemically in rat and guinea-pig brain. At the light microscopical level, enzyme activity was most pronounced in glial cells in various anatomical regions of the rat brain. In contrast, the guinea-pig brain presented only a weak activity. Endothelial cells of both(More)
We describe the development and the current implementation of a web-based study support environment that is used for teaching systems and control courses at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. The aim of this web-based study support environment is to increase the study effectiveness in systems and control courses. First we describe the new(More)
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