M. J. Herselman

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The Dorper is a hardy South African composite breed, derived from a cross between the Black-headed Persian and the Dorset Horn. Dorpers are regarded as early-maturing, and ewes lambed at an age of 1 year in one study. Age at ®rst lambing was higher in other literature sources cited. The fertility of Dorper ewes was approximately 0.90 ewes that lambed per(More)
Fourteen Angora does (35+/-2 kg), each with a single kid and in the first month of lactation, were used to determine ongoing (Period 1) and residual (Period 2) effects of chronic bovine somatotropin (bST) treatment. Specifically, we sought to determine whether chronic bST treatment was capable of improving milk yield, and thus kid growth, and mohair(More)
Yearling Angora wethers (n = 24; 24+/-1.0 kg BW) were used in an experiment with a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement of treatments to investigate effects of bovine somatotropin (bST) treatment and dietary level of ruminally undegraded protein on DMI, ADG, and mohair production. Untreated casein (UC) or casein treated with formaldehyde (TC) was included at 7% DM(More)
The production performance of ewes was assessed in a terminal crossbreeding experiment involving five Merino and Merino-type dam lines and two terminal crossbreeding sire breeds. Dam lines were SA Mutton Merino (SAMM), SAMM rams crossed to Merino ewes (SAMM cross), Dohne Merino, as well as specialist Merino lines selected for clean fleece weight (FW+) and(More)
Four dry and four lactating (wk 6 of lactation) Alpine does [50.5 +/- 2.2 and 45.9 +/- 2.2 kg of initial body weight (BW), respectively] that consumed a 67% alfalfa diet for ad libitum intake were used 1) to compare estimates of CO2 entry rate (via continuous infusion of NaH13CO3 into the peritoneum) based on continuous saliva collection with simpler, more(More)
Angora goat, Spanish goat, and Suffolk x Rambouillet sheep wethers (20 of each type; 30.4+/-.57, 31.3+/-.93, and 32.4+/-1.08 kg BW for Angora goats, Spanish goats, and sheep, respectively) were used to investigate influences of animal type and two grass-based pasture treatments on heat energy during summer grazing (mid-August through September in Oklahoma).(More)
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