M J Guinaudy

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In this study, we showed that in flies kept for 2 weeks at 1 (terrestrial gravity), 3 or 5 x g (hypergravity, HG) before transfer to 1 x g, resistance to heat remained higher in HG flies for several weeks after the transfer. The measurement of heat shock protein 70 (hsp70) indicated no induction of the protein in HG, but the study revealed that flies living(More)
In adult mammals, injured axons regrow over long distances in peripheral nerves but fail to do so in the central nervous system. Analysis of molecular components of tissue environments that allow axonal regrowth revealed a dramatic increase in the level of hemopexin, a heme-transporting protein, in long-term axotomized peripheral nerve. In contrast,(More)
We have previously demonstrated that hemopexin is present in the intact sciatic nerve and is overproduced in the distal stump after nerve transection (Swerts et al.: J Biol Chem 267:10596-10600, 1992). To get further insight into the function of this hemoprotein in nervous tissue, we have documented long-term changes in hemopexin levels in permanently(More)
The newt (Pleurodeles waltl) is an amphibian species used in a mutagenicity test (micronucleus). This study was carried out to establish if the inducibility of hepatic cytochromes P450 of this species is similar to that of the rat. Our results showed that the newt is characterized by a lower level of hepatic cytochrome P450-dependent activities than the(More)
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