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Simple solid-phase optoelectronic sensors for penicillin, urea, and glucose are described. Triphenylmethane dyes such as bromcresol green and bromthymol blue were derivatized with glutathione and co-immobilized with appropriate enzymes to a transparent membrane sandwiched between a red-light-emitting diode and a silicon photodiode with integral amplifier.(More)
1. A number of reactive triazine dyes specifically and irreversibly inactive yeast hexokinase at pH 8.5 and 33 degrees C. Under these conditions, the enzyme is readily inactivated by 100 microM-Procion Green H-4G, Blue H-B, Turquoise H-7G and Turquoise H-A, is less readily inactivated by Procion Brown H-2G. Green HE-4BD, Red HE-3B and Yellow H-5G and is not(More)
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