M. J. Foster

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Despite a presumptive role for type I (AT1) cells in alveolar epithelial transport, specific Na transporters have not previously been localized to these cells. To evaluate expression of Na transporters in AT1 cells, double labeling immunofluorescence microscopy was utilized in whole lung and in cytocentrifuged preparations of partially purified alveolar(More)
This paper describes the development, characterisation and environmental testing of a high performance state-of-the-art optical filter for separating the Mie and Rayleigh backscatter signals for the ATLID LIDAR of the EarthCARE mission. The filter assembly utilises capacitance stabilised Fabry-Pérot étalon technology to provide high resolution optical(More)
There a.re certain straightforward algorithms for laying out finite-state ma.chines . This pa.per shows that these algorithms are optimal in the worst case for machines with fixed alphabets. That is, for any s and k, there is a. deterministic finite-state machine with s states and k symbols such that any layout algorithm requires O(kslgs) area. to lay out(More)
The ultimate goal of any custom chip must be its effective use in a complete system. Integrating a chip into a system is usually a nontrivial task, especially for small research teams that do not have extensive hardware and software support As a result, chips designed by universities and research laboratories are seldom evaluated beyond functional checking(More)
The European Space Agency's space-based Darwin mission aims to directly detect extrasolar Earth-like planets using nulling interferometry. However, in order to accomplish this using current optical technology, the interferometer input beams must be filtered to remove local wavefront errors. Although short lengths of single-mode fiber are ideal wavefront(More)
Borok, Zea, Janice M. Liebler, Richard L. Lubman, Martha J. Foster, Beiyun Zhou, Xian Li, Stephanie M. Zabski, Kwang-Jin Kim, and Edward D. Crandall. Na transport proteins are expressed by rat alveolar epithelial type I cells. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol 282: L599–L608, 2002; 10.1152/ajplung.00130.2000.—Despite a presumptive role for type I (AT1)(More)
Specialized silicon compilers , or mod川e generators. are promising tools for automating 出巳 design of custom VLSI chips. In p缸ticular, generators for regular language recognizers seem to have many applications.ηus paper identifies a problem ca11ed latch fo口nation 出at causes 陀gular e x. pression recognizers to be more ∞mplex 由矶山ey would first ap阿ar. If(More)