M.-J. Fortin

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Ecotones are inherent features of landscapes, transitional zones, and play more than one functional role in ecosystem dynamics. The delineation of ecotones and environmental boundaries is therefore an important step in land-use management planning. The delineation of ecotones depends on the phenomenon of interest and the statistical methods used as well as(More)
Several modeling approaches can be used to guide management decisions. However, some approaches are better fitted than others to address the problem of prediction under global change. Processbased models, which are based on a theoretical understanding of relevant ecological processes, provide a useful framework to incorporate specific responses to altered(More)
Nest locations of breeding birds are often spatially clustered. This tendency to nest together has generally been related to a patchy distribution of nesting habitat in landscape studies, but behavioral studies of species with clustered breeding patterns draw attention to the importance of social and biotic factors. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly(More)
In the boreal forest, fire, insects, and logging all affect spatial patterns in forest age and species composition. In turn, spatial legacies in age and composition can facilitate or constrain further disturbances and have important consequences for forest spatial structure and sustainability. However, the complex three-way interactions among fire, insects,(More)
Landscape features can influence animal movements and gene flow, so rigorous analysis of population structure should include both levels of analysis. We conducted individual-based landscape genetic analysis, using data from eight microsatellite loci, on adult female moose (Alces alces; n = 92) from two areas in southern Ontario, and also monitored movements(More)
A gravitational stimulus was used to induce the curvature of the main root of Arabidopsis thaliana. The number of secondary roots increased on the convex side and decreased on the concave side of any curved main root axes in comparison with straight roots used as the control. The same phenomenon was observed with the curved main roots of plants grown on a(More)
One of themost-cited papers in geographic boundary analysis was byW.H.Womble in a 1951 issue of the journal Science titled “Differential Systematics”. In this paper Dr. Womble defined an approach for identifying zones of rapid change on a spatial response surface that is now commonly referred to as “Wombling”. In recent years there has been a steady(More)
Pad-mounted distribution switchgears are widely used for more than 40 years. This paper review the causes of growing failure rates noted particularly in the last 15 years and review corrective actions being undertaken by Hydro-Quebec in order to reduce this failure rate. Insulation contamination associated with high humidity and condensation is the major(More)