M. J. Fischer

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The antiallergic drugs astemizole and norastemizole inhibit exocytosis in mast cells, which might be relevant for their therapeutic action. From previous studies, it appeared that the drugs inhibited 45Ca2+ influx. Here, we present a more detailed study on the effects of astemizole and norastemizole on Ca2+ fluxes. Fura-2-loaded rat basophilic leukemia(More)
There has been a great deal of interest lately in cryptographic protocols. Vaguely, a cryptographic protocol is a mean whereby two or more people can interact in such a manner as to exchange a certain amount of information, while keeping other information secret (either from one of the participants or from another party). One interesting task for which one(More)
In plasma, a significant part of suramin circulates in tight association with low-density lipoproteins (LDL). At therapeutically obtainable concentrations (100 microM) of suramin, about 85% of the total amount of the drug was bound to proteins, approximately 15% of which was bound to LDL. The molar ratio of suramin bound to LDL in serum was 7.5. The(More)
Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is one of the leading tools in biomedical research. The challenge in its use is the controlled positioning of one of the components of an interaction on a carefully designed surface. Many attempts in interaction analysis fail due to the non-functional or unsuccessful immobilization of a reactant onto the complex matrix of(More)
The oxidation of chlorpromazine by methemoglobin plus H2O2 has been studied. The transient formation of the chlorpromazine radical cation in this reaction has been demonstrated by light absorption measurements. Under the experimental conditions complete conversion of chlorpromazine yields approximately 60% chlorpromazine sulfoxide. From studies with(More)
The warfarin binding behaviour of a large tryptic fragment (residues 198-585 which comprise domains two and three) and of a large peptic fragment (residues 1-387 which comprise domains one and two) of human serum albumin has been studied by circular dichroism and equilibrium dialysis in order to locate and characterize the primary warfarin binding site. The(More)
The diazepam-binding behaviour of a large tryptic and a large peptic fragment of human serum albumin has been studied by circular dichroism and equilibrium dialysis in order to locate the primary diazepam-binding site on the albumin molecule. The analytical set-up of the FPLC was used to find the optimum experimental conditions for isolating the fragments.(More)
Increasing evidence can be found that describing receptor ligand interactions in terms of a ‘‘lock-and-key’’ model is no longer adequate. Receptors can be regarded as part of a ‘‘molecular machinery’’, in which ligand binding forms a trigger to activate or deactivate the machinery. According to this view, it is no longer sufficient to know how the key fits(More)
The effects of a series of analogues of the antiallergic drug astemizole on the exocytosis of the enzyme beta-hexosaminidase were studied in a mast cell model, the rat basophilic leukemia (RBL-2H3) cell. Besides differences in the effects on Fc epsilonRI receptor-stimulated exocytosis, changes were also observed in Ca2+ influx and in the perturbation of the(More)
Drug Utilization Research and Pharmacoepidemiology Meeting U t r e c h t ( T h e N e t h e r l a n d s ) , 19 M a y 1995 Organized by the Section of Drug Utilization and Pharmacoepidemiology of the Dutch Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Sectie Geneesmiddelengebruiksonderzoek en Farmacoepidemiologie van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Farmaceutische(More)