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BACKGROUND The IOM report, Preventing Medication Errors, emphasizes the overall lack of knowledge of the incidence of adverse drug events (ADE). Operating rooms, emergency departments and intensive care units are known to have a higher incidence of ADE. Labor and delivery (L&D) is an emergency care unit that could have an increased risk of ADE, where(More)
OBJECTIVE We conducted this study to investigate how physicians in a pediatric intensive care unit (ICU) currently make decisions to withdraw and withhold life support. Consultation with the patient's primary caregiver often precedes decisions about withdrawal and limitation of life support in chronically ill patients. In these scenarios, the patient's(More)
Measurement of improvement in clinical trials in chronic diseases commonly compares baseline data to endpoint values by performing t-tests or analysis of variance (ANOVA) on raw gains or percentage changes. This procedure can be misleading and the use of an analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) should be considered. Properly used, ANCOVA increases statistical(More)
BACKGROUND To assess the demographic and attitudinal factors associated with HPV vaccine initiation and completion among 18-26 year old women in Utah. METHOD Between January 2013 and December 2013, we surveyed 325 women from the University of Utah Community Clinics about their HPV vaccine related beliefs and behaviors. Odds ratios (ORs) were estimated(More)
CONTEXT Unusual cataracts (flecks) have been reported to occur at very low levels of trinitrotoluene exposure, but prevalence estimates vary widely. Cataracts have not been reported among workers in the United States exposed to organic nitrate explosives. OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence of unusual cataracts in a population of workers in the United(More)
INTRODUCTION Pelvic floor disorders (PFDs), including pelvic organ prolapse (POP), stress and urgency urinary incontinence, and faecal incontinence, are common and arise from loss of pelvic support. Although severe disease often does not occur until women become older, pregnancy and childbirth are major risk factors for PFDs, especially POP. We understand(More)
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