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Serial in vitro bone marrow cultures have whereas the mean values for the unstimubeen done on eight patients with acute lated cultdres declined during the same pelymphocytic leukemia. Colony-forming acnod. Relapse in two patients was preceded tivity shows a rapid recovery from low or accompanied by a concomitant decline values into the normal range in all(More)
The advent of physician assistants raises questions regarding their appropriate utilization and monitoring. To determine practice patterns of physician assistants in settings independent of training programs, we studied 14 primary care practices in the rural southeast. Detailed observations, including appropriateness of medical care, were made on 788(More)
The in vitro granulocyte colony-forming remission were serially studied during reability of bone marrow from 19 patients mission. Normal in vitro colony formation with acute myelocytic leukemia (AML) was ensued in five of the eight patients studied. studied at the time of initial diagnosis and Three patients did not produce normal serially. Initially 1 8 of(More)