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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Multiple blood transfusions are considered a common cause of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). We hypothesized that ARDS is more a consequence of ARDS risk factors (in particular circulatory shock) requiring transfusions than a result of the transfusions themselves. METHODS This retrospective study included 103 patients(More)
The spatial occupation of female Corsican mouflon (Ovis ammon) in medium Mediterranean mountains of southern France, was studied between the end of 1987 and June 1989. It can be divided into two seasonal home ranges, one in fall/winter, and one in spring/summer. Both seasonal home ranges start with a period of intense locomotive activity in the different(More)
We studied the space use of mouflons (Ovis musimon) for more than four years in a population living in low Mediterranean mountains. The different behaviour of ewes and rams, which is related to social and spatial segregation outside the rut, has an effect on spatial use. Depending on the season, ecological or psychophysiological contexts influence the way(More)
Our insight of the sepsis response has evolved to encompass not only the pro-inflammatory but also an anti-inflammatory reaction following infection. Clinical trials have been designed to target either bacterial products, endotoxin in particular, or mediators involved in the sepsis response, but until recently the majority of them have given unfavorable(More)
Our study of mouflon (Ovis musimon) rams in the Caroux-Espinouse massif (southern France) shows that several forms of philopatry occur. Some of the rams were sedentary, as were the ewes, up to the age of four years. Most of the rams, however, started to enlarge their home range from the age of two years. Rams of intermediate age visited their birth ranges(More)
Various techniques have been used at bedside to assess the microcirculation of critically ill patients, including nailfold videomicroscopy, laser doppler techniques, and orthogonal polarization spectral imaging. Nailfold videomicroscopy was introduced first, but its value may be limited by the extreme sensitivity of nailfold microcirculation to external(More)
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