M J Deal

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We propose two designs of nanoscale sub-fF germanium photodiodes which are efficiently integrated with silicon waveguides. The metal-optic cavities are simulated with the finite difference time domain method and optimized using critical coupling concepts. One design is for a metal semiconductor metal photodiode with <200 aF capacitance, 39% external quantum(More)
The pharmacological profiles of two novel neurokinin agonists have been investigated. delta Ava[L-Pro9,N-MeLeu10]SP(7-11) (GR73632) and [Lys3,Gly8-R-gamma-lactam-Leu9] NKA(3-10) (GR64349) are potent and selective agonists at NK-1 and NK-2 receptors respectively. In the guinea-pig isolated trachea preparation, contractions induced by these agonists were(More)
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