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Metagenomics is a primary tool for the description of microbial and viral communities. The sheer magnitude of the data generated in each metagenome makes identifying key differences in the function and taxonomy between communities difficult to elucidate. Here we discuss the application of seven different data mining and statistical analyses by comparing and(More)
A metagenome is a sampling of genetic sequences from the entire microbial community within an environment. Examining the functional diversity represented by these sequences gives insight into the biological processes within the environment as well as the biological differences between environments. Most research has focused on single specific environments(More)
Many universities throughout the world are exploring the possibilities of on-line delivery of educational programs. These developments have the potential to significantly change the face of higher education as we know it today. In order to compete in an international market, Swinburne University of Technology has decided on a strategic approach to the(More)
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