M. J. Bishop

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In this paper, we develop a conceptual framework for organizing emerging analytic activities involving educational data that can fall under broad and often loosely defined categories, including Academic/Institutional Analytics, Learning Analytics/Educational Data Mining, Learner Analytics/Personalization, and Systemic Instructional Improvement. While our(More)
A set of programs has been written to quantify the similarities between large numbers of cDNA sequences. This information is used to cluster similar sequences together. The main program can cluster thousands of cDNA sequences per day using a novel, computationally inexpensive algorithm. The clustering information is kept in a small index file so that disk(More)
Computational models of cardiac electromechanics (EM) are increasingly being applied to clinical problems, with patient-specific models being generated from high fidelity imaging and used to simulate patient physiology, pathophysiology and response to treatment. Current structured meshes are limited in their ability to fully represent the detailed(More)
This paper presents an overview of computing and networking facilities developed by the Medical Research Council to provide online computing support to the Human Genome Mapping Project (HGMP) in the UK. The facility is connected to a number of other computing facilities in various centres of genetics and molecular biology research excellence, either(More)
Nucleic acid and protein sequences contain a wealth of information of interest to molecular biologists. The advent of molecular sequence databases provides a unique opportunity for the computer analysis of all available sequences. Sequence databases serve two main functions: (i) to facilitate comparisons with newly determined sequences, and (ii) to act as a(More)
Management of cystic fibrosis (CF) is burdensome and adherence is often suboptimal. Family routines are associated with adherence and health outcomes in other disease populations. Few studies have examined routines in CF. The study’s aim was to describe parent experiences developing and utilizing CF care routines. Semi-structured interviews with a(More)
The Task Force on Competencies and Best Training Practices in Pediatric Psychology recently proposed pediatric psychology training competencies organized into 6 cluster areas and a cross-cutting group. This blueprint allows programs to evaluate their training models and identify areas for improvement. The Georgia State University (GSU) pediatric psychology(More)
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