M. J. Bagajewicz

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In this paper, the issue of uncertainty and financial risk in refinery operations planning is addressed. The problem is determining how much of each available crude one must purchase and decide on the anticipated production level of different products, given the forecasts of overall demands. We also include, as decision variables, the price of the products.(More)
In this article, we propose a new method to reduce the computational burden of strategic supply chain (SC) planning models that provide decision support for public policy makers. The method is based on a rolling horizon strategy where some of the integer variables in the mixed-integer programming model are treated as continuous. By comparing with rigorous(More)
In this work, a discrete event supply chain is modeled from the point of view of one of the members. The model takes into account uncertainty and determines an optimal ordering policy so that profit is maximized and financial risk is controlled. Two cases are considered. In one case, the behavior of the other members of the chain is known and the demand is(More)
This paper discusses the planning of the different steps associated to projects featuring high risk/high return characteristics, which require FDA approval. We present a model that connects early decision making, such as level and intensity of pre-testing or investment on facilities, among others, with the FDA approval process and the final(More)
In this paper, we address the strategic planning of supply chains for ethanol and sugar production under uncertainty in the market trends. The design task is formulated as a mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) problem that decides on the capacity expansions of production and storage facilities over time along with the associated sales decisions. The(More)
We consider the case of a new product, a gas tank to be included in new automobiles, for which some preliminary testing will be conducted. After such testing is performed, the plan is to approach potential customers to raise interest. Based on the outcome of such interest, one has to craft a plan to build a production facility for which one has to determine(More)
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