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An in vitro plant regeneration protocol was successfully established for Cymbidium bicolor an epiphytic orchid by culturing seeds from green pods. Immature seeds were germinated on four basal media viz., Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium, Knudson C (KC) orchid medium, Knudson C modified Morel (KCM) medium and Lindemann orchid (LO) medium. Seed germination and(More)
Real-time object tracking is a difficult task in unconstrained environment due to the variations in factors such as pose, size, illumination, partial occlusion and motion blur. In this paper, we propose a novel approach based on local sparse representation for robust object tracking to address the above issues. In the proposed approach, a search window,(More)
Image Mosaicing is the process of combining two or more images of the same scene into one image and generate panorama of high resolution image. Mosaicing is blending together of several arbitrarily shaped images to form one large radiometrically balanced image so that the boundaries between the original images are not seen. In this paper, we have described(More)
  • Ms Ashwini, Deshmukh Prof, Pravinkumar Badadapure
  • 2015
468 ISSN: 2278 – 909X All Rights Reserved © 2015 IJARECE Abstract—Smart antenna system is used to maximize the output power of signal in desired direction and minimize the power in unwanted direction. Smart antenna system consists of multiple numbers of elements. Main concept in smart antenna technology is beam forming, it is used to improve signal to noise(More)
The process by which the world outside is seen is termed as visual process or physiology of vision. There are three phases in this visual process: phase of refraction of light, phase of conversion of light energy into electrical impulse and finally peripheral and central neurophysiology. With the advent of modern instruments step by step biochemical changes(More)
As with the rapid increase of the huge amount of online information, there is a strong demand for Information retrieving from the web which helps to discover some useful knowledge from Web documents. Agents are often developed not in isolation but as part of a multi-agent system. Single agent is unable to retrieve the information from multiple searching(More)
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