M. J. Ashraf

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BACKGROUND Burn is still one of the most devastating injuries in emergency medicine while improvements in wound healing knowledge and technology have resulted into development of new dressings. This study was undertaken to evaluate the healing effect of licorice in Pseudomonas aeruginosa infected burn wounds of experimental rat model. METHODS One hundred(More)
BACKGROUND In patients with ulcerative colitis (UC), the repeated cycle of injury and repair of intestinal mucosa has been reported to increase the risk of colon cancer. So, a safe and efficient therapy is required for the treatment and prophylaxis for the disease.This study aims to investigate the efficacy of Calendula officinalis extract in treatment of(More)
BACKGROUND Actinomycosis of the tonsils has been reported in a variable percentage of tonsil specimens by other authors. This study determines the incidence of actinomyces in the palatine tonsil and evaluates the clinical diagnoses and histopathological features of tonsillectomy specimens. METHODS In a retrospective study, 204 patients who had undergone(More)
In this paper, we propose Regional Energy Efficient Cluster Heads based on Maximum Energy (REECH-ME) Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). The main purpose of this protocol is to improve the network lifetime and particularly the stability period of the network. In REECH-ME, the node with the maximum energy in a region becomes Cluster Head(More)
BACKGROUND Traditional medicine/complementary alternative medicine may suggest new ideas to modern medicine in order to face new challenges however these concepts should be acknowledged based on experimental studies. OBJECTIVES We aimed to study the effects of onion (Allium cepa) juice on the normal flora of conjunctiva and eye lids, and to follow the(More)
BACKGROUND There is a growing tendency toward application of human amniotic membrane (HAM) as a biologic substitute in various tissue injuries where a significant tissue loss is a matter of concern. In gastrointestinal injuries especially duodenal ones, some potential limitations in current surgical techniques contribute to not fully acceptable healing(More)
Elastofibroma is a rare neoplasm that characteristically occurs in subscapular area in response to microtrauma. There are some reports of this tumor in other sites of the body but, up till now, there has been no report of elastofibroma in the face. A 20-year-old man presented with a slow growing painless mass in the face without any history of trauma.(More)
Wireless distributed sensor network consists of randomly deployed wireless sensors having low energy assets. These networks can be used for monitoring in a variety of environments. Major problem of these networks is energy constraint and lifetime, so, to overcome these problems different routing protocols and clustering techniques have been introduced. We(More)
Load (NRL) of these protocols are taken into account as performance parameters. After extensive simulations, we observe that AODV outperforms both with MANETs and VANETs. I. BACKGROUND AND MOTIVATION FOR THE WORK Routing protocols are designed to calculate paths for communication networks. The routing protocols are subdivided into table driven, on-demand(More)
BACKGROUND Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), which include ulcer-ative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease (CD), are debilitating and chronic disorders with unpredictable courses and complicated treatment measures. Therefore, an efficient treatment protocol seems necessary as therapeutic prophylaxis for these disorders. This study aims to determine the(More)