M J Arnstein

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Changes in blood pressure and heart rate in response to the renin inhibitor H77 and the angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor captopril were compared in conscious dogs during progressive sodium depletion. There were significant positive correlations between plasma renin activities immediately prior to administration of the inhibitors and the subsequent(More)
The potency of the substrate analogue inhibitor H77 has been investigated in vivo in anaesthetized rats and conscious dogs. ID50 values have been determined against rat, dog and pig renins injected into rats and against dog renin injected into dogs. In the rat H77 was most potent against injected dog renin (ID50 0.53 mg/kg/h), of intermediate potency(More)
The specificity of pepstatin A as an inhibitor of the cardiovascular actions of renin injected into anaesthetized rats has been investigated. Pepstatin A 70 micrograms/kg/min partially inhibited the pressor response to injected renin without affecting the pressor responses to injected angiotensin II, phenylephrine or vasopressin. Pepstatin A 150(More)
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