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This paper describes the implementation of a microcomputer based P-wave synchronization system for the artificial heart. This system provides for synchronization of the cardiac prosthesis pump with P-wave signals from electrodes implanted in the remnant of the natural atrium. The device carries out the functions of P-wave detection and determines the(More)
Now-a-days water scarcity has become a serious problem in India and there are many factors responsible for this like improper supply of water from the dam, improper water saving systems, etc. but one major factor is the improper opening and closing of the dam gate according to the level of water in the dam. Also till date the control mechanism of the dam(More)
Cocktail Party Effect has been used to isolate one sound above others in a multiple speaker environment. In previous studies, we have demonstrated that intelligibility can be improved by introducing directionality and gender differences in a multiple speaker environment [1]. In this study, we examine the effect of accents on speech intelligibility. To(More)
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