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This paper describes a motion detection method specific to hybrid positron emission tomography/single photon emission computed tomography systems. The method relies on temporal fractionation of the acquisition into three data sets followed by an algorithm based on the cross correlation (CC) of partial sinograms from successive sets at different rotations of(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t A computer program called Neutron_CR-39.F90 for neutron simulation through a PADC detector and its detection was described and developed. In this work the neutron Am–Be source was considered for simulation. It was shown that the most intensive secondary particles, created in neutron interactions with the detector, are(More)
Grain yield is a result of the combined effects of genotype, environment and their interaction. The importance of the genotype × environment interaction is that it causes different reactions of maize hybrids when they are grown in different environments. This study was performed to analyse discriminativeness, representativeness and relationships of test(More)
The phenotypic variability at the level of the specific activity of a-amylases and their tissue-specific expression in the midgut of adult Drosophila subobscura flies, homozygous for the Amy s or Amy F allele, was analysed. The results indicate a homogeneous distribution of the phenotypes with a different numbers of a-amylase activity regions in the adult(More)
Non-invasive ventilation performed through an oronasal mask is a standard in clinical and homecare mechanical ventilation. Besides all its advantages, inevitable leaks through the mask cause errors in the feedback information provided by the airflow sensor and, hence, patient-ventilator asynchrony with multiple negative consequences. Here we investigate a(More)
This paper deals with the reduction of electric energy consumption in induction motor drives by setting appropriately the supply voltage. The results of the research show dependencies of the induction motor input power and reactive load on voltage magnitude. For induction motors loaded from 50% to 70%, both reactive loads and power losses can be reduced by(More)
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