M Ivan Wiggam

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2.30 pm Aspirin reduces pulmonary inflammation in an inhaled lipopolysaccharide model of ARDS in healthy volunteers and in a human ex vivo lung perfusion model. Poster 2 HbA1c: a useful diabetes screening tool in acute coronary syndrome. 4.55 pm Thinking outside the box-an unusual presentation but not an uncommon diagnosis. ABSTRACT: Cerebral Autosomal(More)
UlSTer HoSpITal Combination therapy in essential hypertension: effects on insulin action of adding low dose thiazide to aCe inhibitor Background: Concern exists regarding metabolic effects of antihypertensive agents. often more than one agent is required to meet blood pressure targets. angiotensin converting enzyme (aCe) inhibitors, which are at least(More)
Editor, We report a rare cause of pyrexia of unknown origin. An 81-year old woman presented to hospital with left hip pain following a fall. On admission, there was reduced range of movement of the left hip but no other abnormal findings. Initial investigations were normal and she was managed with analgesia and low dose enoxaparin. She was a retired(More)
Aquagenic wrinkling of the palms in adult patients with cystic fibrosis. Aquagenic Wrinkling of the Palms (AWP) is characterised by the development of oedematous white plaques on the hands following exposure to water. To date 30 cases of AWP have been reported, 17 of which are in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) 1. Only two cases have been reported in(More)
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