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Toxic effects of the non-biodegradable drug chlorpromazine and its degradation products have been reported on microorganisms in aqueous media. Here, chlorpromazine degradation assays in forced and non-forced conditions have been done to know its persistence and degradation products in river water. Sunlight irradiation promotes the complete degradation of(More)
Triggered by the demand of ubiquitous Internet connectivity and the availability of different wireless technologies, several IP mobility support protocols have been standardized in the past. Each solution provides a specific functionality (e.g., host or network mobility) and/or requires operations of particular nodes (e.g., client or network based). The(More)
—The significant growth in mobile data traffic and the ever-increasing user's demand for high-speed, always connected networks continue challenging network providers and lead research towards solutions to enable faster, scalable and more flexible networks. In this paper we present the CROWD approach , a networking framework providing mechanisms to tackle(More)
Opportunistic Routing (OR) takes advantage of the broadcast nature of the wireless medium to increase reliability in communications. Instead of selecting one node as the next-hop forwarder, OR selects a set of candidates to forward the packet. In this way, if one of them does not receive the packet from the source, another candidate will be able to do it,(More)
This poster presents the key ideas behind the ICT CROWD (Connectivity management for eneRgy Optimised Wireless Dense networks) project, funded by the European Commission. The project moves from the observation that wireless traffic demand is currently growing exponentially. This growing demand can only be satisfied by increasing the density of points of(More)
This report summarizes the outcomes of a meeting on cystic echinococcosis (CE) in animals and humans in Chile held in Santiago, Chile, between the 21st and 22nd of January 2016. The meeting participants included representatives of the Departamento de Zoonosis, Ministerio de Salud (Zoonotic Diseases Department, Ministry of Health), representatives of the(More)
Three strains of white-rot fungi were tested in solid state fermentation and submerged culture to obtain enzymes for dyes biotransformation. Both sugarcane bagasse and dyes induced laccase and manganese peroxidase biosynthesis but laccase seems to be the main enzyme related to the decolourisation profiles. A variable behavior of strains was observed(More)
The pharmaceutical compound indomethacin is not totally removed in wastewater treatment plants, whose effluents flow into aquatic environments; concentrations in the 0.1-100ng/L range are commonly found in surface waters, and its fate is unknown. Here, biological, photochemical and thermal degradation assays were conducted under stress and non-stress(More)
Alprazolam is a pharmaceutical compound that it is detected in surface waters. Some degradation studies in aqueous solutions and pharmaceutical products are available, but there is no reliable information about its stability in river water. Here, assays have been conducted under forced biological, photochemical, and thermal conditions, and under non-forced(More)
The emergence of new information media has had an impact on the working methods of lexicography and terminology as well as in the products obtained. Among the new media, knowledge bases are a valuable source that allows for information to be tailored to the needs of different users. We present several ways of codifying lexical and phraseological information(More)