M Isa Fernandez

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The delivery format of an HIV prevention program that had been efficacious with youths at high risk was modified from seven relatively short sessions over a one- to two-month period to three longer sessions over a one- to two-week period. In contrast to youths in the seven-session program, no change in sexual behavior was observed among those in the(More)
This study assessed the programmes, resources, and needs of HIV-prevention nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in 75 countries in Africa, Central/Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Multiple databases and expert recommendations were used to identify one major HIV-prevention NGO in the capital or a large city in each country,(More)
Examined the effectiveness of an HIV intervention program among 151 adolescents ages 13 to 24 years who were randomly assigned to (a) seven sessions of 1.5 hr each (10.5 hr); (b) three sessions of 3.5 hr each (10.5 hr); or (c) a no-intervention condition. Using cognitive-behavioral intervention strategies, social skills and HIV-related beliefs, perceptions,(More)
Most acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) service providers are in countries with little access to scientific developments relevant to their programs. It is critical to transfer advances from the scientific arena to service providers on a global scale. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention organizations in 78 countries were randomized to(More)
OBJECTIVES The study evaluated the relative impact of HIV risk reduction interventions for adults with severe mental illness living in the inner city. METHODS A total of 104 chronically mentally ill men and women were interviewed to determine sexual risk behavior over the past month and to assess HIV risk-related psychological characteristics, including(More)
"In this paper, we use data from the 1990 [U.S.] census to compare patterns of Asian American intermarriage with those reported by Lee and Yamanaka (1990).... Our main findings show that: (i) the overall outmarriage rate has declined; (ii) Asian American inter-ethnic marriages (that is, marriages between two Asian Americans of different Asian ethnicities)(More)
This study investigates ethnic and nativity differentials in self-employment based on the small-business experiences of 3 Asian immigrant groups in the US: Korean, Chinese, and Asian Indians. In light of the 1980 Census data, the intra- and the inter-group differences in the business participation rates of these Asian immigrant groups are examined. (More)
OBJECTIVE Reducing the rate of severe postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) is a major challenge in obstetrics today. One potentially effective tool for improving the quality of care is the clinical audit, that is, peer evaluation and comparison of actual practices against explicit criteria. Our objective was to assess the impact of regular criteria-based audits on(More)
OBJECTIVE Several recent studies confirm elevated rates of human immunodeficiency virus infection among acute and chronic mentally ill adults in large urban areas. This research sought to characterize risk for HIV infection among adults with chronic mental illness and to examine psychosocial factors predictive of risk. METHODS Two hundred and twenty-five(More)
Youths with a homosexual orientation face different developmental challenges during adolescence than those faced by heterosexual youths or individuals who recognize their homosexual orientation later in life. We discuss the impact of "coming out," or defining a homosexual orientation, on the development and identity formation of youths who come out during(More)