M. Iqbal Saripan

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Brain image segmentation is one of the most important parts of clinical diagnostic tools. Brain images mostly contain noise, inhomogeneity and sometimes deviation. Therefore, accurate segmentation of brain images is a very difficult task. However, the process of accurate segmentation of these images is very important and crucial for a correct diagnosis by(More)
Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women worldwide. Early detection of breast cancer can increase treatment options and patients' survivability. Mammography is the gold standard for breast imaging and cancer detection. However, due to some limitations of this modality such as low sensitivity especially in dense breasts, other modalities(More)
Evaluation of blood smear is a commonly clinical test these days. Most of the time, the hematologists are interested on white blood cells (WBCs) only. Digital image processing techniques can help them in their analysis and diagnosis. For example, disease like acute leukemia is detected based on the amount and condition of the WBC. The main objective of this(More)
Load balancing is the process of improving the Performance of a parallel and distributed system through is distribution of load among the processors[1-2]. Most of the previous work in load balancing and distributed decision making in general, do not effectively take into account the uncertainty and inconsistency in state information but in fuzzy logic, we(More)
Skin detection is used in many applications, such as face recognition, hand tracking, and human-computer interaction. There are many skin color detection algorithms that are used to extract human skin color regions that are based on the thresholding technique since it is simple and fast for computation. The efficiency of each color space depends on its(More)
In recent years, facial expression recognition (FER) has become an attractive research area, which besides the fundamental challenges, it poses, finds application in areas, such as human-computer interaction, clinical psychology, lie detection, pain assessment, and neurology. Generally the approaches to FER consist of three main steps: face detection,(More)
In this paper we introduce an intrusion detection system for Denial of Service (DoS) attacks against Domain Name System (DNS). Our system architecture consists of two most important parts: a statistical preprocessor and a neural network classifier. The preprocessor extracts required statistical features in a shorttime frame from traffic received by the(More)
Segmentation of liver tumors from Computed Tomography (CT) and tumor burden analysis play an important role in the choice of therapeutic strategies for liver diseases and treatment monitoring. In this paper, a new segmentation method for liver tumors from contrast-enhanced CT imaging is proposed. As manual segmentation of tumors for liver treatment planning(More)
The healthcare industry is streamlining processes to offer more timely and effective services to all patients. Computerized software algorithm and smart devices can streamline the relation between users and doctors by providing more services inside the healthcare telemonitoring systems. This paper proposes a multi-sources framework to support advanced(More)