M. Iqbal Bin Saripan

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The Forward-Backward Time-Stepping (FBTS) had proven its potential to reconstruct images of buried objects in inhomogeneous medium with useful quantitative information about its size, shape, and locality. The Total Variation regularization method was incorporated with the FBTS algorithm to deal with the ill-posedness or ill-conditionedness of the inverse(More)
Quantum Cryptography guarantees absolute confidentiality for secret key exchanged via an optical fiber. The ability lies in the possibility of distributing the secret key securely in the form of photon. We show that there are different values of optimal mean photon number (^) based on which assumption is considered for Eve's technology. For lower optimal fi(More)
Hand segmentation is an important stage for accurate hand detection and background subtraction is one of the best solutions to detect the hand motion accurately, however the shadow is the critical problem in this technique which is not easy to separate the hand region from the shadow area. Removing shadow using an automatic threshold will be a good solution(More)
Problem statement: This study unveils the potential and utilization of Neural Network (NN) in radar applications for target classification. The radar system under test is a special of it kinds and known as Forward Scattering Radar (FSR). In this study the target is a ground vehicle which is represented by typical public road transport. The features from raw(More)
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