M. Iqbal Bin Saripan

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Image segmentation is a key process in computer vision and image process applications. Accurate segmentation of medical images is very essential in medical applications but it is very difficult job due to noise and in homogeneity that are usual of medical images. In this paper a new method, based on FCM, is proposed to make FCM more robust against noise.(More)
—Mutual exclusion as one of the main problems associated with distributed systems requires that at any time t, only one site can access the common copies of file f. As a result of node or link failures, distributed system may be partitioned into two or more groups of nodes which cannot communicate each other anymore; meanwhile they must be able to update(More)
Hand segmentation is an important stage for accurate hand detection and background subtraction is one of the best solutions to detect the hand motion accurately, however the shadow is the critical problem in this technique which is not easy to separate the hand region from the shadow area. Removing shadow using an automatic threshold will be a good solution(More)
Problem statement: This study unveils the potential and utilization of Neural Network (NN) in radar applications for target classification. The radar system under test is a special of it kinds and known as Forward Scattering Radar (FSR). In this study the target is a ground vehicle which is represented by typical public road transport. The features from raw(More)
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