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All processes that regulate of growth, differentiation and development and also stomatal movement are influenced by endogenous hormones in plants. Research related with endogenous hormones is known for cultivated chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.), while in wild chickpeas no data existed. In this study, C. bijugum K.H. Rech.; C. chorassanicum (Bge) M. Pop.; C.(More)
The objective of this study was to detect plant hormone levels in different plant parts of chickpea, and to compare cultivars with different characteristics such as simple leaf vs. normal leaves, simple leaf vs. bipinnate leaf, kabuli type vs. desi types, double-podded vs. single-podded. It was found that there was a great variation in basic plant hormone(More)
The cultivated chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) possess mainly three leaf shapes, and multipinnate leaf shape has shown lower leaf miner damage (Liriomyza cicerina Rond.). Therefore, the study of the inheritance of leaf shape in cultivated chickpea has priority. For this purpose, ICC 6119 (multipinnate leaf) was crossed with Sierra (simple leaf) and ICC 4958(More)
Drought tolerance is an important breeding objective in dry and semi-dry conditions. Carbon isotope discrimination (Delta) is a tool that may be used to improve water-use efficiency (WUE) as an indirect selection criterion. The study investigated the variability for Delta in improved F7 lines and their parents (three cultivars and two mutant lines), which(More)
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