M. I. Vishnev

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Low temperature (77-90 K) measurements of absorption spectral changes induced by red light illumination in isolated photosystem II (PSII) reaction centers (RCs, D1/D2/Cyt b559 complex) with different external acceptors and in PSII core complexes have shown that two different electron donors can alternatively function in PSII: chlorophyll (Chl) dimer P(680)(More)
The reaction of the irreversible chemical reduction of the 131-keto C=O group of pheophytin a (Pheo a) with sodium borohydride in reaction centers (RCs) of functionally active spinach photosystem II (PS II) core complexes was studied. Stable, chromatographically purified PS II core complex preparations with altered chromophore composition are obtained in(More)
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