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In this work, fiber Bragg grating (FBG) strain sensors in single and quasi-distributed systems are investigated, seeking high-accuracy measurement. Since FBG-based strain sensors of small lengths are preferred in medical applications, and that causes the full width at half-maximum (FWHM) to be larger, a new apodization profile is introduced for the first(More)
Prophylactic appendicectomy was performed on 56 consenting patients undergoing elective cholecystectomy. The control group consisted of 60 patients. Both groups were well matched in respect of age, sex, build and type of incision. All patients received a single i.v. dose of 1 g Cefazolin sodium and 500 mg Metronidazole at induction of anaesthesia.(More)
INTRODUCTION The public interest steadily increases in the biological adverse effects caused by components released from resin-based dental restorations. OBJECTIVE In this study, the cytotoxicity and the genotoxicity were investigated of following released components from dental resin restorations in human gingival fibroblasts (HGF): tetraethyleneglycol(More)
AIM To investigate the cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of a new silicate-based BioRoot RCS® sealer in comparison with contemporary sealers. METHODOLOGY A periodontal ligament cell line using lentiviral gene transfer of human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) was used and exposed to subtoxic concentrations of 24-h eluates from two epoxy resin-based(More)
OBJECTIVES Previous studies have shown that resin composites may cause persistent inflammation of oral or pulpal tissues as well as cell death through eluted substances. The aim of this study was to investigate the leaching of ingredients from commercial dental fissure sealers as well as their cytotoxic effects on human gingival fibroblast (HGF). METHODS(More)
Post-appendicectomy sepsis still causes considerable morbidity and prolongs hospital stay. A large amount of recent work has gone into attempts to reduce such problems using various topical and systemic agents in differing regimes, with wide variation in their results. The aim of our study was to examine further the effectiveness of those different lines of(More)
Gliomas account for almost 80 % of primary malignant brain tumors and are a major cause of morbidity and mortality more than any other tumor. The p53 gene is a tumor suppressor gene that plays a role in genomic stability, cell cycle control, and DNA repair after damage and apoptosis. Malfunction of the p53 pathway is a universal hallmark of human tumors(More)
Appendicectomy was performed on 100 patients with complicated appendicitis through a grid-iron incision. All patients received systemic metronidazole and cephazolin sodium which started preoperatively and continued postoperatively for 5 days. At operation, patients were allocated randomly to receive either local instillation of metronidazole and cephazolin(More)
Two hundred-twenty six pre- and post- kidney transplantation patients were screened for CMV. They were categorized into three groups I: Eighty-five dialysis patients suffering from chronic renal failure, II: Sixty -two end stage renal disease patients prepared for transplantation, and III: Seventy-nine post-kidney transplant patients under immunosuppressive(More)
We argue that fractional order (FO) differential equations are more suitable to model complex adaptive systems (CAS). Hence they are applied in replicator equations for non-cooperative game. Rock-Scissors-Paper game is discussed. It is known that its integer order model does not have a stable equilibrium. Its fractional order model is shown to have a(More)