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One of the most challenging tasks in requirements engineering is the establishment of guidelines of when and how to use certain requirements engineering processes within the project context. Requirements interaction detection, as a requirements engineering activity, still lacks the definition of precise guidelines for when and how to apply the different(More)
In this communication we considered and studied the time-optimal control problem for a liner n n  cooperative parabolic system defined on a bounded open domain N R   with a strong constraint control n H U u)) ((1 0   . This problem is, steering an initial state u y = (0) with a control , u so that an observation) (t y hitting a given target set in(More)
In this paper, the minimum time problem for differential systems of parabolic type with distributed control and control-state constraints are considered. The minimum time problem is replaced by an equivalent one with fixed time and the necessary optimality conditions of time-optimal control are obtained by using the generalized Dubovitskii-Milyutin Theorem(More)
We argue that fractional order (FO) differential equations are more suitable to model complex adaptive systems (CAS). Hence they are applied in replicator equations for non-cooperative game. Rock-Scissors-Paper game is discussed. It is known that its integer order model does not have a stable equilibrium. Its fractional order model is shown to have a(More)
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