M. I. Sabran

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A compact wideband circularly polarized (CP) printed antenna design is presented in this communication. The proposed antenna consists of two Archimedean spiral slots, loaded with two chip resistors and fed by a coplanar waveguide (CPW) transmission line. The antenna is situated in one plane and fed without using an external balun or a matching network. The(More)
A new configuration of a square patch Microstrip antenna for a single-feed to achieve a dual band frequency for WiMax application with circular polarization (CP) is proposed. A single layer is used for the antenna. Dual bandwidths and CP is achieved by designing asymmetrical slot and two different truncated corners. The radiation patterns demonstrate well(More)
WLAN demands an antenna with small in size and volume, low in cost and weight, easy to design, and can perform efficiently at two distinct frequencies. In this paper, the dual band antenna work at 2.45 GHz and 5.8 GHz were proposed. The proposed antenna consists of L-slots and arm's slot where these slots greatly influenced the dual band ability. With(More)
A novel dual-band single-layer substrate and diamond-shaped antenna is presented. The proposed antenna operates in dual-band frequency at UHF band (from 902 to 920 MHz) and ISM band (from 2.4 to 2.5 GHz), which is suitable for RFID application. Antenna frequencies were controlled by the shape and size of the radiating element. The proposed prototype antenna(More)
A novel compact proximity coupled microstrip antenna with harmonic rejection for a 2.45GHz rectenna application is presented. A square ring slot has been fit at the ground structure for compactness, resulting in a 46% reduction of patch element area as compared to conventional designs. The evolution of the filter structure began with a U-slot followed by a(More)
A new miniaturize proximity coupled microstrip antenna with defected ground plane is presented in this paper. The proposed antenna operates in the 2.45 GHz ISM band, which is suitable for WLAN application. By introducing the circular ring slot as a defected ground plane, a reduction size of radiating element is obtained. This circular slot ring results in a(More)
This paper presents new design for single band circular polarization (CP) antenna with dual feedings. This antenna is designed for RFID application at 2.45 GHz. In this antenna design, the left corner side of the square patch is truncated. Then, two perpendicular feeding is connected to the patch to achieve Circular Polarization antenna. By combining the(More)
The development of WLAN technology requires antennas with additional capabilities using simple and low-cost mechanisms. This letter presents a low-cost microstrip antenna integrated with simple p-i-n diodes as RF switches. The proposed antenna is capable of steering the beam in a dual-band mode: -19°, -59°, and 61° within the 2.45-GHz(More)
The performance of High-Frequency Radio Frequency Identification (HF-RFID) links depends on the alignment of the magnetically coupled interrogator and transponder antenna pairs. In this paper, we propose a design method to achieve lateral uniformity in the H-field of circular interrogator loop antennas to reduce the effect of lateral antenna misalignment.(More)
A single band branch line coupler for butler matrix with semi-lumped element has been proposed in this paper. The coupler is designed to operate properly at 5.8 GHz operating frequency. The capacitors with the value of 33 pF and 4.7 pF are realized as suitable values for lumped element components. It is found that the lumped element implementation is(More)