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Intraperitoneal injection of Panax ginseng C. A. Mey tincture, Polyscias filicifolia Bailey tincture, Panax ginseng tincture or Eleutherococcus Maxim extract to rats produced a rise in plasma corticosterone 1 hour after the treatment. Immobilization-induced rise in plasma corticosterone was increased by 7-day pretreatment with any agent. Thus, the(More)
Na and K content has been studied in tissues of the hazel grouse Bonasa bonasia, black grouse Lyrurus tetrix, capercaillie Tetrao urogallus, domestic hen Gallus domesticus and turkey hen Meleagris gallopavo. With respect to the increase in potassium and sodium content, the tissues investigated in wild species form the following sequence: major thoracal(More)
The effects of melanostatin (MST 10(-5) M) on transmission in the lateral olfactory tract--superficial pyramidal neurons synapses, were investigated in slices of the rat olfactory cortex. Within 3-6 min after MST addition, the EPSP amplitudes were depressed and then increased (within 6-9 to 30 min); spikes and IPSPs appeared during the latter period. The(More)
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