M. I. M. Wahab

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Despite extensive studies on the flexibility of manufacturing systems over the last two decades, a unified measurement approach has not been developed. In this study, we propose a generic model to measure machine flexibility with consideration of the dynamic perspective of manufacturing systems. To this end we integrate two streams of machine flexibility(More)
INTRODUCTION Increased life expectancy of HIV-positive individuals during recent years has drawn attention to their quality of life, which includes fulfillment of fertility desires. In particular, heterosexual HIV serodiscordant couples constitute a special group for whom the balance between desired pregnancy and the risk of viral transmission should be(More)
A joint replenishment problem is presented to determine the ordering policy for multiple items having a certain percentage of defective units. The purpose of this paper is to study the impact of the percentage of defective units on the ordering policy. Two different scenarios are presented for joint replenishment problem: (1) without price discount and (2)(More)
Working environment affects human health condition and performance. Human Factors (HF) scholars aim to elaborate this effect. However, HF studies mostly focus on employee occupational health and safety elements and their consequences on employee health conditions. They do not take into account Work-related Ill Health (WIH) risk factor effects at the system(More)