M. I. Lapenkov

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Fine epitope specificity of ten monoclonal antibodies (MA) agglutinating red blood cells B was studied. Three methods were used: 1) inhibition of MA binding to natural antigen by synthetic oligosaccharides (OS) and their polyacrylamide conjugates, 2) direct MA binding to a series of synthetic OS-polyacrylamide conjugates differing in carbohydrate epitope(More)
Fine epitope specificity of three anti-A monoclonal antibodies (MA) 1H410, 3F9, and 44F9 was studied by: 1) direct MA binding to synthetic oligosaccharides (OS) linked to polyacrylamide matrix, and 2) inhibition of MA binding to natural antigen by synthetic OS and their polyacrylamide conjugates. It has been established that the antigen binding site of MA(More)
We compared the effectiveness of DNA isolation from nail plates using three commercial kits from different manufacturers. The results of the study give reason to recommend the use of PrepFiler BTA Forensic DNA Extraction Kits and QIAamp DNA Investigator Kit for the work with nail microfragments.
Anti-Le(a) and anti-Le(b) monoclonal antibodies were obtained and attempts at evaluating their epitope specificity have been made. A method for identification of Lewis phenotypes in salivary specimens by dot-I enzyme immunoassay has been developed. Analyses of salivary samples from 72 donors detected donors with phenotypes Le(a-b-) and Le(a+b+), which was(More)
A simple and accessible express method was developed for the detection of morphine in aqueous samples using competitive immunochromatography. A complex of colloidal gold with monoclonal antibodies to morphine was used as the detection agent. The detection limit for morphine in aqueous samples was 10 ng/ml, and the analysis time was 5 min.
A one-step modification ofimmunoenzyme assay (dot variant) is proposed for the detection of ABH-Lewis antigens in human discharges (saliva, sperm, vaginal discharge). Sensitivity and specificity of the new method is higher than those of other methods currently used in forensic medicine for the detection of antigens in human body discharges; its other(More)
Monoclonal antimorphine antibodies both free and conjugated with horse- radish peroxidase have been raised and used to develop an assay kit for the detection of narcotic opiate-based drugs by an immuno-enzyme assay (IEA). The kit contains all ingredients necessary for the enzymatic reaction. A total of 215 urine and blood samples were analysed using the new(More)
This article is concerned with the management of the disputable situations arising in the course of establishment of the kinship based on the analysis of autosomal STR loci. It is proposed to enhance the accuracy of determining thekinsip relations in the parent-child pairs (in the absence of one of the parents) by using additional sets of genetic markers(More)
The authors describe a domestically produced test-system for the determination of the AB0 blood type by means of the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) analysis. The results of the trials indicate that the proposed test-system can be employed for the investigation of DNA specimens of individual origin obtained from any objects of expertise including(More)