M I Helkimo

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The maximal bite force and the strength of the finger-thumb grip of 125 Skolt Lapps, aged 15 to 65, was measured with a specially devised apparatus. The bite force was measured with the biting fork placed between the first molars and between the incisors, respectively. The finger-thumb grip was measured by letting the subject press the prongs of the fork(More)
Fifty-eight patients seen for consultation concerning mandibular dysfunction symptoms were examined utilizing the Helkimo index of dysfunction and electromyographic silent period recordings from masticatory muscles. The data collected were analyzed for correlations between the two parameters. Several significant correlations were noted between certain(More)
The precision (reproducibility) of active and passive recordings of the retruded position of the mandible was studied by two examiners on 10 patients with mandibular dysfunction symptoms. The position of the mandible was recorded with an intra-oral graphic method, before and after treatment of the symptoms. The precision of the recording was highest when(More)
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