M. I. Hayee

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This report describes the architecture, functionality and the field demonstration results of a newly developed DSRC based V2I work zone traffic information system with V2V assistance. The developed system can automatically acquire important work zone travel information, e.g., the travel time (TT) and the starting location of congestion (SLoC), and relay(More)
—A symmetrized split-step Fourier (SSSF) simulation model with global simulation accuracy control is extended to vector optical fiber multi-span propagation cases, which are applicable to the waveform level simulation of polarization multiplexed coherent optical communication systems. Using local error bound obtained from a scalar simulation package, the(More)
The future deployment of dedicated short range communication (DSRC) technology requires that DSRC-based applications are integrated with existing traffic management techniques so that non-DSRC-equipped vehicles at the early stage of DSRC deployment can also reap the potential benefits of DSRC technology. We have successfully developed and field demonstrated(More)
A local error method based on an analytical scheme previously developed for the scalar optical fiber channel is applied to the second-order symmetrized split-step Fourier simulation of polarization multiplexed signal propagation through dispersion compensated optical fiber links. It is found that the global simulation accuracy for the vector propagation can(More)
features of traffic on highways (2–5). To date, many DSRC message communication protocols have been proposed and tested for their reliability, congestion control, and other characteristics (5–7). Some of the current DSRC technology applications being developed include traffic data acquisition and dissemination systems, intersection collision warning(More)
OVERVIEW: Proven leading-edge technical expert, with excellent leadership, organizational, problem-solving, and communications skills. Over 20 years of hands on experience, reinforced by solid theoretical and experimental abilities, working with communications systems and signal processing techniques. Holds 15 US patents and has published 55 research(More)
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