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Broad spectrum of optical wireless communication is available, which can fulfill the requirements of high speed wireless communication. This is the basic advantage of optical wireless communication over conventional wireless communication technologies. The other important thing is the day by day decreasing size of wireless sensors with the advent of(More)
Within the lactic acid bacterium genus Carnobacterium, Carnobacterium maltaromaticum is one of the most frequently isolated species from natural environments and food. It potentially plays a major role in food product biopreservation. We report here on the 3.649-Mb chromosome sequence of C. maltaromaticum LMA 28, which was isolated from ripened soft cheese.(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks are included in today's important and evolving communication technologies. The size of sensors operating wirelessly decreases with the advent of advancement in device processing technologies like micro- and nano-electromechanical systems. This decrease in dimensions of sensors causes serious problem for battery storage capacity. We(More)
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