M. I. A. Othman

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In this paper, the basic governing equations for isotropic and homogeneous generalized thermoelastic half-space under hydrostatic initial stress are formulated in the context of the Green and Naghdi theory of types II and III. These governing equations are solved analytically to obtain the dimensional velocities in an xy-plane. It is shown that there exist(More)
The present paper is aimed at studying the effect of gravity on the general model of the equations of the generalized thermomicrostretch for a homogeneous isotropic elastic half-space solid whose surface is subjected to a Mode-I crack problem. The problem is in the context of the Green and Naghdi theory (GN). The normal mode analysis is used to obtain the(More)
In this paper we introduced the normal mode analysis for two–dimensional problems of the generalized linear thermo–viscoelasticity with one relaxation time. The exact expressions for the temperature distribution, the displacement components and the stress are obtained. The resulting formulation is applied to three different concrete problems. The first(More)
The model of the equations of generalized magneto-thermoelasticity in an isotropic elastic medium with two–temperature under the effect initial stress is established. The entire elastic medium is rotated with a uniform angular velocity. The formulation is applied under three theories of generalized thermoelasticity: Lord–Shulman, Green–Lindsay, as well as(More)
In this article, the variational iteration method is used to solve an ordinary differential equation of N-order boundary value problems. We solve this problem by changing the problem to a system of two integral-differential equations [2,5,16,18] and using the variational iteration method [6-10,12]. By giving three examples as ninth-order, tenth-order and(More)
An efficient cascade transformation toward indolizine-based molecules has been developed. This process leads to the rapid construction of two C-N bonds and one C-C bond without the need of any metal catalysis. The approach involves easily accessible chromone-based Michael acceptors and propargylamine derivatives as starting materials. This cascade(More)
Gold catalysts have been applied in cascade-type reactions for the synthesis of different nitrogen-based compounds. The reactions likely proceed by a new gold-catalyzed cascade intermolecular α-amidoalkylation/intramolecular carbocyclization cascade process by unifying both the σ- and π-Lewis acid properties of the gold salts. In the first part of this(More)