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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Recent evidence suggests that physiological changes in the concentration of endogenous estrogens may influence stroke outcome. The purpose of this study was to determine a menstrual cycle-related profile of blood flow through the carotid arteries and its correlation with estrogen concentration. METHODS The flow velocity and(More)
This paper considers PI controller tuning for Integral Plus Dead Time plant (IPDT) by new Matlab/Simulink tool based on the performance portrait method. It enables to guarantee transient responses with specified deviations from ideal shapes at the plant output and input and to fulfill additional optimality specification, defined in terms of the minimal IAE(More)
Clototripsy? To the Editor: The dramatic clinical recovery during tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) infusion with continuous transcranial Doppler (TCD) monitoring seen in 8 of 40 patients reported by Alexandrov et al1 is both exciting and unprecedented. The fact that their patients had more severe strokes than those in the NINDS study, with average NIHSS(More)
The present paper compares three approaches on a quadrocopter orientation and altitude control: the most frequently used PD and PID control, the Integral Backstepping methods and a nonlinear decomposition control. All these methods are verified and evaluated by simulation. The whole proposal was applied in Matlab with the described nonlinear model. The(More)
  • M. Huba
  • 2017 4th International Conference on Control…
  • 2017
The paper develops and summarizes some of the most important points of a successful Smith predictor design for the first order time delayed systems. Starting with discussion of ideal shapes of transient responses at the plant input and output and possible simplification of the plant identification and design, it derives new simple formulas of a filtered(More)
The purpose of this report is to highlight the utility of transcranial color Doppler sonography (TCCDS) in the emergency diagnosis of an ischemic stroke in a 64-year-old patient after head injury. An emergency CT identified a subdural hematoma, subarachnoid hemorrhage, a brain contusion and edema. The patient's status deteriorated after admission, and a(More)
  • M. Huba, D. Soos
  • 2014 23rd International Conference on Robotics in…
  • 2014
A comparison of different two degree of freedom (2DOF) PI controller tuning methods [1] in control of an integral plus dead time system (IPDT) showed significant advantages of the new tool for an optimal and robust tuning based on the performance portrait method. The presented analysis will now be further extended by considering uncertainties of both plant(More)
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