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Over the past ten years, unconventional gas and oil drilling (UGOD) has markedly expanded in the United States. Despite substantial increases in well drilling, the health consequences of UGOD toxicant exposure remain unclear. This study examines an association between wells and healthcare use by zip code from 2007 to 2011 in Pennsylvania. Inpatient(More)
A three-phase study comprising semi-structured interviews with patients and/or their carers, follow-up postal questionnaires, and a postal survey of the views of professionals involved in the discharge of participating patients was conducted to assess the quality of arrangements for patients over 65 years of age, discharged from hospitals in Chester and(More)
BACKGROUND Unconventional natural gas drilling operations (UNGDO) (which include hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling) supply an energy source that is potentially cleaner than liquid or solid fossil fuels and may provide a route to energy independence. However, significant concerns have arisen due to the lack of research on the public health impact(More)
In this paper, the concept of orthogonal fuzzy rulebased systems is introduced. Orthogonal rules are an extension to the definition of orthogonal vectors when the vectors are vectors of membership functions in the antecedent part of rules. The number and combination of rules in a fuzzy rule-based system will be optimised by applying orthogonal rules. The(More)
Recently we reported an association of certain diseases with unconventional gas development (UGD). The purpose of this study is to examine UGD's possible impacts on groundwater quality in northeastern Pennsylvania. In this study, we compared our groundwater data (Columbia 58 samples) with those published data from Cabot (1701 samples) and Duke University(More)
Resonances of over 20 of the most slowly exchanging amide hydrogens have been identified and assigned in the 1H NMR spectrum of hen lysozyme. This was achieved by combining information about spin-spin coupling patterns with nuclear Overhauser enhancement measurements. A computer-based search program was used to permit the assumptions and constraints in this(More)
In this paper we have introduced a non interactive model for fuzzy rule based systems A critical aspects of this non interactive model is the introduction of a new set of rules with fewer parameters and without considering the interaction between the functionality of inputs The new non interactive model of the fuzzy rule based system represents the output(More)