M. Hosein Marzi

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AIMS To achieve reliable detection of methicillin resistance in clinical isolates of coagulase-negative staphylococci. METHODS AND RESULTS Strains (105) were evaluated by normatized antimicrobial susceptibility methods, and for the presence of the methicillin resistance-determining mecA gene, using the polymerase chain reaction. Correlation between(More)
This study reports the experience of 47 Italian urology units together with the urology unit at the University of Perugia concerning open surgery in the management of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Until 20-25 years ago, open surgery was the most common approach. In the late 1970s the development of endoscopes and their methodology has led to a gradual(More)
OBJECTIVE Implant surgery is the most acceptable curative choice for patients with erectile dysfunction and their partners, since the results are excellent with regard to the couple's pleasure and the materials used are extremely manageable. MATERIALS AND METHODS We performed 46 prosthesis implantations in patients with erectile dysfunction: in 22(More)
The etiology and evolution of Peyronie's disease are not well known, and this certainly affects patient management. If spontaneous regression or stabilization of the disease is lacking, actually all therapies, except surgery, seem to be only partially successful. We attended 88 patients affected by Peyronie's disease, and 21 patients (23.6%) were referred(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the quality of life outcomes in antiretroviral-naive patients randomized to zidovudine plus didanosine versus zidovudine plus didanosine plus nevirapine for treatment of advanced HIV disease (the Istituto Superiore di Sanità 047 trial). DESIGN A 48-week randomized, double-blind trial. METHODS Sixty patients were enrolled and(More)
BACKGROUND Prostate cancer is in Italian men the second neoplasm for incidence. Transrectal ultrasonography (TRUS) is still today a cheap test, not very invasive, well accepted by the motivated patient and sufficiently accurate for the valuation of the local status disease. We proposed our data to verify if a careful local ultrasonographic study of(More)
The solitary fibrous tumours (SFT) are rare spindle cell neoplasms which generally originate from the pleura; also described are cases of SFT in other locations, included the genital-urinary tract. Described in the ambit the kidney are 19 cases of SFT and such rarity of localisation makes rather unknown the histogenesis and the prognosis of the lesion. We(More)
Nowadays there are multiple studies suggesting that inflammation of the oral cavity caused by bacteria, Microbial and fungi is accompanied by gastric inflammation. Helicobacter pylori infection is considered as one of the most common infectious diseases throughout the world, the carriage rate of Helicobacter pylori is reported to be 20-80% for adults in the(More)
Neoplastic diffusion can occur due to dissemination, continuity, through lymphatic or haematic vessels, or, more rarely originate from surgical instruments. We report a particular case of prostate cancer spread. A 64-year-old man was diagnosed with undifferentiated prostate cancer through prostate biopsy. The patient was treated with a total androgenic(More)
Solitary Fibrous Tumors (SFT) are rare spindle cell neoplasm that typically originate from the pleura. However, cases of the SFT are described with origin in other organs, including the urinary and genital apparatus. Within the kidney, except from the renal pelvis, only 19 cases of SFT are described and such rarity of localization makes the histogenesis and(More)