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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Inflammation and thrombosis are pathophysiological hallmarks of ischemic stroke still unamenable to therapeutic interventions. The contact-kinin system represents an interface between inflammatory and thrombotic circuits and is involved in stroke development. C1-inhibitor counteracts activation of the contact-kinin system at multiple(More)
Hardware desrgn u7)der the use of the hardware de-scrtptiol) language VHDL has to consider three tnde-penden t property scales that /7/.J/aen ce the de.wyn process from an abstract l~vel 10 (j(ti~ leuel, namely the destgn W(w. the tm)tng aspect, aIId the value represen-taiton. The well known Y-char{ ntodel is not sutiable to descrilw these property scales(More)
In the area of hardware design, automata are often real-cred synchronously by a clocked state register, a next state logtc block representing the state transition function, and an output logic block representing the output functzon, As-surmng that combinatorial blocks of automata are already optzmized, a further potential for timing optimization occurs , if(More)
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